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Dog the Bounty Hunter
Paris Hilton
Flavor Flav
LL Cool J
Deena (Jersey Shore)
Mike The Situation (Jersey Shore)
Pauly D (Jersey Shore)
Snooki (Jersey Shore)
Brett Michaels (Life As I Know it)
Ted Lange (Isaac/ the Love Boat)
Dustin Diamond (Saved by the Bell Screech)
Todd Bridges (Different Strokes)
Gary Burhhoff (Mash)
Tina Louie (Ginger Gilligan’s Island)
Erin Moran (Happy Days)
John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzards)
Erik Estrada (Chips)
Alphonso Rivera (Fresh Prince)
Dawn Wells (Gilligans Island)
Sinbad (Film/TV Star)
Barry Williams (Gregg-“Brady Bunch”)
Jerry Mathers (Beaver-“Leave It To Beaver”)
Tony Dow (Wally-”Leave It To Beaver”)
Ken Osborn (Eddie Haskel-”Leave it To Beaver)
Russell Johnson (Professor-”Gilligan”)
Jimmy Walker (JJ-”Good Times”)
Eddie Mekka (Carmine-”Laverne & Shirley”)

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